God in the Cards — official deck

I created a deck of cards from tarot guidelines to be used as a tool in the aid of intuition in a one-on-one faith with God. The intention is to offer something that wasn’t the Bible, but definitely something tangible to help guide oneself along when needed.

The first deck came in and I love everything about it. I figured I’d like it and that was enough, but the reality is, I super duper love it. It’s all that I imagined and more. It’s vibe is good. The readings are spot on. The encouragement is there in spades. I love them more every single time I use them. They literally are a gentle intuitive tool for “checking in” with your intuition or on your path at some spots to give a perspective outside of oneself.

If you’d like a card read for you, please get with me on my contact page for particulars. I will be giving one card readings for $5 each. You can choose one card just because, one daily, one weekly, one per topic, etc. This is just an amazing experience!

72085460_2763504243668771_6374284289684537344_o (1)

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