So, your blessing arrives and….

So, your blessing arrives and it is nothing like what you were trying to create; however, it is much better than what you had in mind! How about them apples?!

That said, what about what you were trying to create? What about the money you spent? What about the classes you took? Is it all for nothing? Does regret want to sneak in? Do you feel as if you’ve wasted something?

This very thing is happening to me right now. My husband and I spent so much money attempting to redo a very old family house. We’re talking in the 10s of thousands of dollars so far sunk into it, along with our own personal sweat and tears.

Then, something awesome came along, the perfect home for us. You may be asking why were we even looking at something else while we were clearly working on the original idea. Well, some of it is that we discovered the original idea would take a great deal more money to finish and another bit of it was simply to consider another option.

So, along came this better option and we’re going in that direction. How do we know it’s the right direction? There were LOTS of signs pointing to this home for us. From the first phone call I made to the woman selling it to the walk-through we made shortly thereafter, and everything in between…connections were being made.

Okay, so, back to the original thought…what about all of the money we put into the older family house? Well, regret could happen, crying could happen, feeling wasteful or sad could happen…but…where would that get me in today? Will regretting putting money into the older house change the fact that we did that and tried that route? Will crying because we just couldn’t make that happen make me feel better today? No, none of that.

The truth is, today is a day we came across something that is working in our favor about where we’re to live. This is now a clear direction in which to go and whatever else we tried before this moment was okay in THAT moment. We will now go forward with a home, one we’ll actually live in, and be at peace with how the path went for us.

I hope you can find something in these words to see a perspective in your own life so that you will let go of regret and upset by things you can’t change like that, but to accept the new path and go forward knowing your life will become better by this clear divine direction.


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