God showing light unconventionally

I love documentaries and biographies. I find people fascinating and how they got from here to there are stories I love to know. These stories show how connections are made, how paths cross, how people create their lives. Fascinating!!

I recently watched the Dolemite movie on Netflix. I don’t know who this man is, but my husband does. I just wanted to see the documentary. It’s a lot of language, a lot. It’s also filled with one man’s dream to be somebody. He was known as Rudy Ray Moore.

After watching the movie, I went on Wikipedia to see what else I could discover about him. It turns out he took his Mama to church often. That surprised me. All the language he spoke as the character Dolemite would have me thinking he didn’t have that aspect of his life. He did. He went on to say that Dolemite was a character he played and didn’t completely define who he was as a person. This is a very good point to be made.

Snoop Dogg was in the movie too. So, went looking at Wikipedia on him too. He wrote a gospel album. Fascinating! I’m listening to some of the songs on YouTube right now. It’s really awesome. The song with Patti LaBelle (When it’s all over) really blows things out of the water.

So, at 5 am this morning, I am reminded that people you wouldn’t think to give you God light in some way are actually doing just that. I used to think that I would have to give up my cursing and “act more proper” to be giving people God light. I realized in that moment that’s really not the situation at all.

God can bring light into anyone’s life. He can have people who don’t seem “qualified” to help bring light into someone’s life, especially in their time of need. I’d had inklings of this feeling before, but it somehow didn’t settle into my soul until this morning.

I remember, once, reading cards for a man who was having trouble with his faith. He still believed in God, but was having trouble with the religion he’d always known. I encouraged him to seek out God personally and to consider exploring other religions to find a better fit. He was fascinated that I’d read tarot cards, things that aren’t necessarily considered “God tools” to help him with his God faith. I just always trust the message I get for people. Sometimes I realize the message, sometimes it feels like regular conversation. I fascinate myself in that way.

God, no matter who you are, will try to bring light into your life if that’s what you’re seeking. Don’t think the method should always be traditional. It isn’t always.

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