Letting Go Letter Project

I wrote this just now on my personal FB page:
“If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just simply tired of being the one that holds it all. You know what I mean, taking care of everyone else and there’s no one there to listen to your woes. Even if they were, that comes with it’s own set of vulnerabilities. Maybe, you’d like to simply unload all of your worries, fears, shadows, insecurities, etc., but don’t know where to do that in a safe space. The idea came to me last night to create the “Letting Go Letter” Project.

If you are one of these people, I want to offer you that safe space. You can write your letter, two lines, three pages, however you need, and send it to me by snail mail. By writing to release, you may shed that which you don’t know how to let go of, but need to. Also, I will pray for you over that letter.”

It’s an idea that came to me in the middle of the night last night. It’s just before 6 am here. I’ve had the idea before, but nothing ever happened. The idea surfaced again, so I am offering it again. Maybe this time it will fill a need.

We live in a world whereby people give us their opinions and suggestions, sometimes expecting you to follow through with their things. Maybe that person would think you’re weak, maybe they’d want you to “get over it already”? Maybe they feel you’re super blessed, so why have any troubled mind? Maybe you’ve always been considered the strong one, so how could you possibly need a shoulder to cry on? Maybe you’re still carrying around abuse feelings of shame and you don’t want to tell someone from that time nor do you want to tell someone new? Maybe you’re doing your best as a parent and feel that you fall short sometimes, that may not seem like a huge thing, but writing out your fears about it will help release them to make room in your life for more confidence and bravery and self-assurance.

I could write out a lot of “Maybes” here. Whatever it is, whatever your maybe really is, I am offering you a safe space to write down your valid feelings. Use my contact page to get my snail mail and use this project as a tool to let go of what isn’t healthy in your mind, heart, and soul.

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