Moving Online Spots

Hi! I so appreciate all of you here and it’s amazing how loved I feel. I started this blog so as to get out of my comfort zone again and share who I am and what I’m about. It’s hard some days to be a “between” person living between worlds others tend to think can’t be meshed. However, I’ve come to see that it’s just the way and it and it allows me a unique point of view and awesome abilities to be of help to those seeking my guidance.

That said, I’d like to get out of the corporate race and into my own business/career being of help to more people. On that thinking, I’ve created a Facebook page combining more of my talents and a way to buy them and get insights as were posted here too.

If you want to, please do find me over there. Thank you so much for being here.

Letting Go Letter Project

I wrote this just now on my personal FB page:
“If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just simply tired of being the one that holds it all. You know what I mean, taking care of everyone else and there’s no one there to listen to your woes. Even if they were, that comes with it’s own set of vulnerabilities. Maybe, you’d like to simply unload all of your worries, fears, shadows, insecurities, etc., but don’t know where to do that in a safe space. The idea came to me last night to create the “Letting Go Letter” Project.

If you are one of these people, I want to offer you that safe space. You can write your letter, two lines, three pages, however you need, and send it to me by snail mail. By writing to release, you may shed that which you don’t know how to let go of, but need to. Also, I will pray for you over that letter.”

It’s an idea that came to me in the middle of the night last night. It’s just before 6 am here. I’ve had the idea before, but nothing ever happened. The idea surfaced again, so I am offering it again. Maybe this time it will fill a need.

We live in a world whereby people give us their opinions and suggestions, sometimes expecting you to follow through with their things. Maybe that person would think you’re weak, maybe they’d want you to “get over it already”? Maybe they feel you’re super blessed, so why have any troubled mind? Maybe you’ve always been considered the strong one, so how could you possibly need a shoulder to cry on? Maybe you’re still carrying around abuse feelings of shame and you don’t want to tell someone from that time nor do you want to tell someone new? Maybe you’re doing your best as a parent and feel that you fall short sometimes, that may not seem like a huge thing, but writing out your fears about it will help release them to make room in your life for more confidence and bravery and self-assurance.

I could write out a lot of “Maybes” here. Whatever it is, whatever your maybe really is, I am offering you a safe space to write down your valid feelings. Use my contact page to get my snail mail and use this project as a tool to let go of what isn’t healthy in your mind, heart, and soul.

God showing light unconventionally

I love documentaries and biographies. I find people fascinating and how they got from here to there are stories I love to know. These stories show how connections are made, how paths cross, how people create their lives. Fascinating!!

I recently watched the Dolemite movie on Netflix. I don’t know who this man is, but my husband does. I just wanted to see the documentary. It’s a lot of language, a lot. It’s also filled with one man’s dream to be somebody. He was known as Rudy Ray Moore.

After watching the movie, I went on Wikipedia to see what else I could discover about him. It turns out he took his Mama to church often. That surprised me. All the language he spoke as the character Dolemite would have me thinking he didn’t have that aspect of his life. He did. He went on to say that Dolemite was a character he played and didn’t completely define who he was as a person. This is a very good point to be made.

Snoop Dogg was in the movie too. So, went looking at Wikipedia on him too. He wrote a gospel album. Fascinating! I’m listening to some of the songs on YouTube right now. It’s really awesome. The song with Patti LaBelle (When it’s all over) really blows things out of the water.

So, at 5 am this morning, I am reminded that people you wouldn’t think to give you God light in some way are actually doing just that. I used to think that I would have to give up my cursing and “act more proper” to be giving people God light. I realized in that moment that’s really not the situation at all.

God can bring light into anyone’s life. He can have people who don’t seem “qualified” to help bring light into someone’s life, especially in their time of need. I’d had inklings of this feeling before, but it somehow didn’t settle into my soul until this morning.

I remember, once, reading cards for a man who was having trouble with his faith. He still believed in God, but was having trouble with the religion he’d always known. I encouraged him to seek out God personally and to consider exploring other religions to find a better fit. He was fascinated that I’d read tarot cards, things that aren’t necessarily considered “God tools” to help him with his God faith. I just always trust the message I get for people. Sometimes I realize the message, sometimes it feels like regular conversation. I fascinate myself in that way.

God, no matter who you are, will try to bring light into your life if that’s what you’re seeking. Don’t think the method should always be traditional. It isn’t always.

So, your blessing arrives and….

So, your blessing arrives and it is nothing like what you were trying to create; however, it is much better than what you had in mind! How about them apples?!

That said, what about what you were trying to create? What about the money you spent? What about the classes you took? Is it all for nothing? Does regret want to sneak in? Do you feel as if you’ve wasted something?

This very thing is happening to me right now. My husband and I spent so much money attempting to redo a very old family house. We’re talking in the 10s of thousands of dollars so far sunk into it, along with our own personal sweat and tears.

Then, something awesome came along, the perfect home for us. You may be asking why were we even looking at something else while we were clearly working on the original idea. Well, some of it is that we discovered the original idea would take a great deal more money to finish and another bit of it was simply to consider another option.

So, along came this better option and we’re going in that direction. How do we know it’s the right direction? There were LOTS of signs pointing to this home for us. From the first phone call I made to the woman selling it to the walk-through we made shortly thereafter, and everything in between…connections were being made.

Okay, so, back to the original thought…what about all of the money we put into the older family house? Well, regret could happen, crying could happen, feeling wasteful or sad could happen…but…where would that get me in today? Will regretting putting money into the older house change the fact that we did that and tried that route? Will crying because we just couldn’t make that happen make me feel better today? No, none of that.

The truth is, today is a day we came across something that is working in our favor about where we’re to live. This is now a clear direction in which to go and whatever else we tried before this moment was okay in THAT moment. We will now go forward with a home, one we’ll actually live in, and be at peace with how the path went for us.

I hope you can find something in these words to see a perspective in your own life so that you will let go of regret and upset by things you can’t change like that, but to accept the new path and go forward knowing your life will become better by this clear divine direction.


God in the Cards – Cards for Sale

Okay, so, I have been playing around with this little deck (poker sized cards) and it’s amazing! I’ve given one card pulls several different times to people and it’s been spot on every single time. I’m amazed!! I want to encourage you, if you are looking for a way to deepen your faith or seek guidance from God in an unconventional, intuitive way, to buy these cards.

You could do a daily or weekly pull, journal about it, simply be more alert to the message in your day, or any way you feel led to use them, but they are an awesome tool for being helpful.

Here’s a direct link to the buy page for you.

God in the Cards — official deck

I created a deck of cards from tarot guidelines to be used as a tool in the aid of intuition in a one-on-one faith with God. The intention is to offer something that wasn’t the Bible, but definitely something tangible to help guide oneself along when needed.

The first deck came in and I love everything about it. I figured I’d like it and that was enough, but the reality is, I super duper love it. It’s all that I imagined and more. It’s vibe is good. The readings are spot on. The encouragement is there in spades. I love them more every single time I use them. They literally are a gentle intuitive tool for “checking in” with your intuition or on your path at some spots to give a perspective outside of oneself.

If you’d like a card read for you, please get with me on my contact page for particulars. I will be giving one card readings for $5 each. You can choose one card just because, one daily, one weekly, one per topic, etc. This is just an amazing experience!

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New kid on the block

I wondered what to write next, as I often do, and God reminded me of the time we lived in an apartment complex. At the time, it was the last street in what was the “black” neighborhood area of town. We were a young white couple with a one year old.

I was driving around town looking for a new place for us to live. I happened by this three building, two story apartment complex. One downstairs apartment was clearly vacant. I got out of my car to look into the front window, wondering about the place.

It just so happened the woman in the adjoining downstairs place was home, not feeling well, that day. She saw me, came out and we got to talking. She was devoutly Christian and said it was good she was home that day to talk with me and encourage me to get the apartment for us. We were friends the whole time we lived there. Her and her husband had six boys and they were the best neighbors.

We get the apartment and were there for about a year I think. We were the only white people in this whole neighborhood. We were nice, they were nice, everyone kept to themselves mostly though. We mainly interacted with the lady and her family next door. There was an upstairs neighbor guy who had an old truck. We became friendly with him as my husband loves older vehicles. To this day, if we see each other, we say hello in that friendly friend way.

My husband went to school with some of the people in that neighborhood. One of the guys he knew did approach him and ask if he was a planted NARC. My husband assured him that was not the situation at all. We were creating a life like everyone else.

Once, the police were looking for an escaped criminal at like 3 am. They knocked on all of the doors in the complex. When they got to our door and a white guy answered, they quickly eliminated us as possibly harboring the person. That was the only real frightening thing that happened while we were there. We joke about it now.

We mostly lived there in peace and quiet. All of us doing the best we could with what we had. One time we snaked an extension cord from our back window to the neighbor lady’s back window to give them a little light for a couple of weeks until they could catch up on their light bill.

All of the neighbor lady’s boys loved my little girl and played with her. The woman wanted a girl and prayed lots to God for one. I don’t know where she is now, but I’d like to think she’s got her own little girl now. All of them boys loving and protecting her. It’s a fine family to be blessed into.

By the time we moved out of that complex, there were other white families in there and mexican too. It was becoming a diverse place in the neighborhood. I don’t know how it is today, but back then, we were the first to diversify that space. We, essentially, paved the way for possibilities that may not have been considered before by anyone else.

That’s how life can be sometimes. Sometimes you do something that may seem odd and different than what would normally be done, but maybe you’re paving the way for someone else to come along after you.