Sometimes, you are led to certain places to show other people it can be done

I sometimes ask God what to write here. From there, I am usually reminded of a memory or thought. I figure, “Okay.” Here’s today’s thought, “Sometimes you are led to certain places or to certain experiences to show other people it can be done.”

We’d made some friends in a neighborhood where we bought a house and lived in for a time. After we moved out of the house, we’d moved into a little RV back in my hometown. I remember us visiting these friends and telling them we’d moved into a little RV and were staying in that until we figured out our next house move. They’d looked at us odd as they’d never heard of such a thing; however, somewhere down the line, they looked into a little RV for one of their sons and his girlfriend. To give them their own space, yet put them in the yard. If we hadn’t done it first, they may not have seen that as an option.

Another neighbor bought the same riding lawn mower and motorcycle as we had. In general conversations, we said what we loved about these things we used. When it came time to buy the lawnmower or when the lady wanted to buy her husband a motorcycle as a surprise, both times she chose what we had. In a way that seemed kind of odd, to be “copied” like that, but then again, if one does mention the great qualities of what they have, some think it’s a good idea to follow along in that regard.

These are two random memories come to mind. The point is, we are interacting to help each other in some way. Sometimes we know it, like going to school, taking a course, collaborating on a project. Other times, we don’t know it because we share the information then move forward with our lives, like chatting with some stranger in a diner. We think we’re just chatting. What we actually do is provide information they somehow will need in their own future.

It’s fascinating and vital really. No one person can know everything, that’s part of why communication and interacting is important. If you don’t know what you need to know, getting out and about will present someone on your path with the knowledge you need. This is a truth.



I am a high intuitive with a firm faith in God.

I don’t know how to define myself, to anyone really. I have several psychic gifts, but also a firm belief that God takes care of me and my needs. I’ve been walking this middle road for some time. For several years, I cried about it. For those same years, I tried to choose between them. I cried more.

God never did let me let go of anything. If I think I’d only do one gift, he’d bring someone else before me asking about another gift I have.  This went on and on for some time too. I can safely say this goes on even today.

In general, by now, most people know me by two things, my faith, and my ability to read  colors. These are the things people usually look to me for. Talking about that now, where does that define me? Where does that take me?

At work, alone with my thoughts, I ask this every single day there. I don’t really come up with an answer. I figure if I had an answer, I’d have a focus. The one way to grow a life is to have focus. That’s the general idea I read everywhere.

The thing I’ve wanted to do the longest is teach people about a life with God as I have. The life with God is based on a working relationship rather than shame or religion and is something I’ve wanted to create for years. Maybe, somewhere down the line, that will happen.

God has put people before me who needed exactly that perspective. I have seen these people shed fear, judgement, and pain based on the comforting words I said to them. I am amazed each time it happens.

I know it only takes one person, one bit of words, one hug…to really help someone sometimes. When I am that vessel, in that way, it is felt deeply. It is felt by the person gaining light and by me for being able to witness it.

I saw Steve Harvey say he had a dream to get on T.V. He said he had that dream since he was a child. Despite the troubling years, he held on to that. As I sit here now, I wonder about my own thing. I can hold on to this dream, despite what I don’t see, and trust that God has a right timing if it’s meant to be.

Aside from that, I can continue to be my best in all of my awesomeness because that’s how it should be.

I will breathe, keep trying to focus, but mostly trust in God’s care of my life.


From this day forward

We tend to find the time to tell ourselves we’ve messed up, told ourselves we’re not doing things good enough, even that we’ve failed. We think telling ourselves this will help us to become better people from this day forward.

The truth is that we can only do our best in every day, every moment we’ve got. There are no guarantees, none. We make choices based on our needs and desires. Sometimes we hope for something better, seeking it out diligently.

I looked at my life recently and wondered about what I didn’t accomplish. I am still working for the corporation and not for myself. That’s something I’ve been seeking for about 20 years. This thought of just now far I haven’t gotten used to upset me from time to time; however, the thought of regret or whatever else goes along with looking back won’t change where I am today.

I am still in the converted school bus and not in a conventional house. This bothered me even more because I’ve been working full time for the past several years and figured I’d be much more “social status advanced” for my age.

I can’t fix these things in the current situation any more than I’ve tried. I can’t make things better by getting upset that they aren’t better. I can only work with what I have in today. I can only be creative and brave in what I’ve got today.

I am still working on these things and believe they will become awesome, blessing manifestations in my life at some point, yes. Will I look back and say anything was wasted, foolish, misguided? No. I will not. These things and others are ones I am hopeful to happen in my life. I trust that. I will anticipate it happening in divine timing. I will even pray for the divine timing of them. I will sit in peace and grace.

I will also do my best in every day, from this day forward, and leave the guilt vibes where they lay.


God Called

I’ve been trying to create a business/career of my own for years now. I figured long ago if I worked hard for someone else, why can’t I work hard for myself. It’s been a journey that I haven’t quite gotten anywhere with, yet evolving has happened.

I tried many things, making jewelry, learning life insurance, baking cakes, dying scarves, crocheting items, etc. I learned lots of different things along the way and also learned other intuitive skills that I discovered I have. The list is rather long and still doesn’t encompass very much. That in itself is amazing to me. My main specialties include reading colors (from random picks to whole wardrobe choices), writing intuitive encouragement/comfort letters (still my favorite), to giving intuitive advice in random spoken conversation (I’ve hit lots of bulls eyes with this one).

So, I have gained more skills and more knowledge. That’s awesome, yet none of it has created a business that’s sustained me and my family.

I’ve always said it must be divine timing more than my own wants because I’ve tried to become many different things. I’ve even thought of becoming a preacher of God’s love, but that’s just too big of shoes to fill I think.

Sometimes, when there’s a quiet moment, memories that become insight show up. There are two distinct memories that showed up about this and it’s when “God Called”. It totally speaks of divine timing and that’s a cue for me to just chill, relax, and flow.

So, here’s the two memories. Joyce Meyer said she was called by God to start a ministry. She was okay with that, tried to work another job in her “starting out/transitioning” stage, but the job kept getting in the way of her ministry. It’s what God wanted her to now focus on and he was being stern about it. So, she let go of how she thought she should make her living and became a full-time minister because that was her divine timing and direct direction from God at that time. It wouldn’t have worked before that time. It may not have worked if she’d have passed it on by. It worked in the time God spoke to her directly about using her gifts exclusively to be of service.

The other memory is a recent one and that’s probably how this whole “pondering thoughts for my own life” bit happened. I was watching a conference on YouTube involving Carol Pate. She got into how her life evolved into becoming a psychic detective. I was fascinated. The bit about divine timing though…okay. She says she was working full-time for a major corporation, then was offered a better job with more incentives several states away. While she pondered that, a career she was doing well at, God called her into going full-time with her psychic gifts to become a psychic detective. She said didn’t expect that, had no clue really where to begin, but God said it was time. So she followed God’s lead and that’s what she does.

In a quiet moment, these thoughts were brought to my attention and helped me see that divine timing is as crucial as I think it is. It is best for me to do what I do, make the most of every day, and flow with how things are going. If I see God in one minute, he’s there in the next…this includes areas of my life I am trying to “push” forward.  Life isn’t meant to be pushed. Explored, sure. Bravery, absolutely. Sharing Love, yes.

The Perfect Sized Box

I had finished a project given to me by a friend. This friend lived across the states and I was going to need a box to mail the item in. I knew the item in question would need a specific sized box, not too big, not too small. So, I put it out to God, the Angels and my Helpers that I needed a right sized box. I then let go of the request. (((I should get better at that part, the letting go so it can be handled. lol )))

My husband wanted a small hand-held radio he could play outside when he is sitting under the tree. I’d looked for one several times and in several places. I came across one on Saturday that was perfect. It was on a market sales page and the person was willing to ship it to me.

It gets sent on Monday and arrives yesterday. It turns out to be the perfect size for the project. It’s just the right box so as to have a snug fit with no room for much extra. I did put a little extra in there though.

Seeing that box, finding out it was the right size, just made me smile so big and feel the connection so deep. It was a good thing. It is a good thing.

That is how we should handle some things, request it of the Universe, God, however you look at it. Sometimes we have to request it, maybe even think on it several times so as to keep focused on manifesting it in our lives.

I know I say we should take action on some things to make them happen, the Universe/God/Etc will match that for you and it’s a very valid point. However, sometimes the action is simply the request.

How do you know the difference? Well, you don’t. You make the request and relax. If you feel led to do something different, take a certain action, then that’s the nudge for your action to the request. If you feel to just request and wait, then do that. You will get signs and feelings either way and that’s how you know how things will happen for you.

If I can trust that the right box is coming my way, I can trust that other things I request can come my way as well. Maybe you can try this today or for something specific in your life? It can be as easy as “I am attending an event in a few days, please help it go smoothly for me. Thank you.” It doesn’t have to be a box, it can be a situation or relationship. The aid does have to be requested.


Colors in your Life

So, red has been hanging out in my life a lot lately. You may be asking yourself, how does one know when a color arrives? Well, let me share with you how the red is happening.

I was wandering one of the thrift stores I go to and came across a desk lamp. It had a very old fashioned light bulb in it. I wanted that light bulb so much, I bought the whole lamp. The base of that lamp is a shiny, sparkly red glitter.

I went to the laundry to wash clothes. Inside of a washer I was about to use was one lonely little face towel, in red.

At work, as I was cleaning up a room, there was a red ink pen on the table inside that room.

I got a new deck of cards that I know will be seriously important in my life. On one of the cards is a tiny red dragon.

These are the ways this color is presenting itself as a cheerleader in my life for something new and a shift of some kind.

What does this mean? It is reminding me of my passions, my convictions, things I believe in that are central to who I am. It pushes me to be braver in the things I want to achieve. It lends to a boldness I don’t necessarily have in general.

Essentially, the color is giving me a vibe raising helping hand. That’s the power of color! This is how it happens for any new color that comes into your life randomly. It may come for a short time or stick around for so long a time it becomes a new color integrated into your life.

On the other side of things, you may find there’s a color you’re no longer using. I encourage people to consider this with something like their wardrobe or wall paint color. These are colors you’ve seen around for a time and have them in your life as a habit or welcome comfort. However, now that I’ve brought it to your attention, maybe you have noticed you aren’t wearing that shirt anymore that was once a favorite? You’re itching to change that paint color in the room, even though you raved about it and loved it for years. These are the signs of colors no longer being useful for you in the present moments of your life. They are encouraging you to let them go and create something else with other colors that can help you better with whatever it is you’re wanting/needing to create/have in the days/weeks/months/etc. ahead.

Take stock of the colors in your life…from your wardrobe to your walls, for that odd decoration piece you had to have, to the new color you’re noticing every time you’re out and about. All of it matters.

Expectations of Others, of Self

I have lots of time to talk to myself at my current job. It gives me revelations and it also gives me a lot of “right”, “right”, “exactly” to myself. I have mixed feelings about my job. There isn’t much social interaction, but there’s also lots of quiet and “do my own job, not anyone else’s”. It’s repetitive, yet that’s part of the simpleness of it. On and on I think of these things.

So, on this particular night, I was thinking about the expectations of others and of oneself. Maybe part of the reason I haven’t necessarily gotten to where I want to be in life is because it’s very unconventional and how would others handle that?

Like, I believe in God for my path, that’s always been there, but I am also highly intuitive…getting insight from colors, tarot cards, conversations, etc. I love all of this about me, but wonder about how well that will go over with others.

One of the main questions people ask is, “What do you do?” For years I have said, “I work at the Waffle.” I’ve done it off and on for over 20 years that some folks are surprised I am not there any longer.

So, say I decide to really shine in my intuitive gifts and offer advice and perspectives to help people see a view of their life that isn’t “covered” in fear, expectations, bias, people wanting to limit you, etc. Just some advice from someone in neutral territory saying, “You can be this brave. You can take that leap. You can say no. You can decide this doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore.” etc.

When someone asks me what I do for a living from that point of decision, I can then say, “I give intuitive advice.” That sounds good to me and general enough to not scare someone off of the conversation altogether.

So then, if someone were to ask a relative what I do and that relative knows what I do, but isn’t really into it, it is possible that person may change the subject, may say something encouraging, or may say I was going to hell.

I guess, looking at it like this, that’s a broad spectrum of answers and it really amounts to people’s comfort zones for what I do. Some are okay with it, some aren’t, and some just look at you oddly from that moment on.

However, God has put me directly in some people’s paths to help aid their journey with my intuitive insights. I have given encouragement via writing letters, reading cards, listening to colors, having random conversations, and maybe other ways I haven’t realized just yet.

This helps me see, in this moment, that people will feel how they choose to feel. I must be who I am and know that there are people out there needing my particular kind of helpfulness.

Yes, there are those that may say I am wrong or going to hell, but those people obviously aren’t ones I am to help. What matters most are the people out there that will come to me or cross my path in such a way that I know I am to give them some much needed words of comfort. Those are the ones I shine best for.

So, labels, they are what they are, but being okay with being me in a more open way is something to work on and be comfortable with. This is where I am at.

Maybe you want to move forward in some way in your own life, but expectations and pondering of just how brave you can be on your own stop you from being your best in a comfortable, flowing way?

Opinions of others or the blocks you place on your own thinking, shouldn’t stop your growth. For every person who thinks you’re “doing it wrong”, there is another person waiting to meet you in all of your shining uniqueness. How about that? Don’t you want to meet them too?